A First Experience

The first time I left home was when I was admitted into a university. I never sabi anything, then.

One of the places that spoke loud in the mouth of people was Douglas. After lectures as I went home, it seemed everybody was going to either Douglas or Wethedral while I went in the direction of dry Works Layout.

Finally, during my second year, small money just entered my hand and fiam! I was dressed to go to Douglas market for the first time.

I got there and realized that the money wey I hold think say im big na small money: 2k. And my tfare dey inside🙄 infact, the money was 1900 as the first tfare don commot.

After walking around and savouring the pleasure of knowing that I have at least seen Douglas, I settled to buying slippers.

There was a lineup of young men screaming on top their voices, some were ringing bells, announcing to us that Aba-made products got to other states in large quantities.

I heard them singing it, “slippers gị ebea, five five hundred. Slippers gị ebea, five five hundred.”

The Aba spirit in me frowned. It’s 400 in Aba nah. But on a second thought, I considered that they’d be checking for their transportation and gain, too.

When I approached a seller, the Aba spirit in me still tried my luck and priced it 400 naira. He talked and talked before he finally convinced me to part with 500naira. I already knew that my coming was sightseeing so I saw no need going around to price other things. I get small shame that time.

I planned that I’d use the balance of the money to buy foodstuffs instead of wasting my time further.

As the young man was packaging the slippers for me, two other people appeared from nowhere and started convincing me to put pin on the slippers. At first, I formed galadima. But ah! These people had sweet mouth.

They told me how I’d wear the slippers for 600 years and then dash it to my great grand child if only I go put am pin make e last. They then told me what the Aba spirit in me wanted to hear: “e dey cheap. Na just 40naira for one.”

I come think am inside my mind…it will be fine to make it durable o. I asked them again to be sure, “40 for one abi?” They chorused Yes amidst other convincing words. I asked again, “so the two legs will be how much?” I don’t remember their answer. They were talking at once and I released my slippers to them😭

After some minutes, they handed me the slippers back, I put it inside the nylon and took out 200naira from the balance of N1400. I stood waiting for my change. The guy’s face suddenly went from a man’s face to a beast’s face.

I don understand. Gimme change naw. Warris dis? Gimme my change.

He said my money never complete. That it was 600naira. I was dazed for seconds.

I don get. How? Why? When? How did my money go from 80naira to 600naira? Was God punishing me for lack of figures in my brain?

I asked them the questions they didn’t bother to answer. They were telling me that they’ve put pins in all the strategic places and that each pin was 40naira x the number of places.

I started questioning my sanity. How did 80naira skyrocket to 600naira?😭Chineke kpọọ ndị oshi ọkụ 😭

After arguing and seeing that they might beat me there; small me! I started begging them. I even told them I had not eaten sef. The holyspirit then touched one of them. They agreed to allowed me go home without my change.

That’s how I spent 200naira for 80naira something with “abeg” on top.


34 thoughts on “A First Experience

  1. Obviously, I saw myself while reading this. My own ugly experience unveiled itself with the dawn of 2015. It was a horrible and spine freezing experience. Yet again Dikachi, you have once more underscored the essence of literature in a splendid way. Nice one!

  2. Lol, my dear u days shine ur eye well well, I no u as this gentle, humble gal but believe me, at this point in our lives, we gas tire eye

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