Day 23, 2021

Pursue Woman

I know you’re expecting a story…eh, this is also a story sha.

Men need to be reminded that it is “to pursue woman” and not to ask “woman wait”.

It is “ịchụ nwanyị” and not “nwanyị chere.”

I feel like a detective in this new city. I have left my home and my people and my childhood/part adulthood in Aba and these are new experiences for me.

So before I go ahead to tale you what the people in this city do, I need to sound this general reminder that you follow a woman to talk to her, you go to her, you run to her, you pursue her, and not the other way round.

I don’t want to hear yen yen yen about just being friends and magic will happen and you two will just kick off…pliz holit dere!

Stop telling us, “excuse me, wait, hold on.”
Exercise yourself and pursue us biko. Do like your forefathers, chụọ nwanyị.

Ka ọdị echi.

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