Day 4, 2021

Male, Female

I don’t mind your contrary opinion: male and female? They exist on different planes.

If something happened to a woman, her friends would go all “oh dear. We’re so sorry. What do we do? How do I help?”

If something happened to a guy, hia friends mock him first before they sympathize. Have you seen that picture of a guy who stood on a plank fixing the AC? His friends stood on the plank on the balcony. Women won’t do that. They would talk themselves out of the crazy idea.

Few nights ago, I and my sister sat in the compound with my cousins – six boys.

A boy walked in with a swagger, started stammering (in my dialect) before he got to us.

“I just parked my bike here and went into dee’s compound. Nau nau nau, my bike haff disappeared.”

I gasped, “how?”

My cousins acted deaf. The boy approached the youngest and tapped him, there was tears in his eyes.

“I park my bike here now. You see am?”

One of my cousins sprang up followed by another and they asked the boy jokingly, “wetin be dey plate number of the bike? Wetin be the engine number? I be mechanic so tell me, I fit sabi am. Me, I be police. Commot for here. Why you park your machine carelessly for night? He come pursue woman o. Na my aunty you wan come toast?”

They laughed while the boy cried. I felt so sad. In the end, it turned out that one of my cousins hid the bike and when they brought it out, they requested for settlement money.😭

I don’t understand this gender at all.

11 thoughts on “Day 4, 2021

  1. I did this to one my in-laws when I was little. I’d always ask” you don come again?” Then open my palm for settlement before I would call aunty for him…it’s our thing but hiding the bike and letting the nigga cry is bad, that’s like oppressing him for coming to look for their sis.

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