Day 42, 2021

Ms. Koi Koi

It was few minutes to 5am when she apparated at the white door, a loud Koi sound when her shoe touched the ground. She looked at the iron bars shielding the door from easy penetration like it was a brat. “Pitiful humans! So this is supposed to stop who?”

She phased into the door and put out her head to peer inside the office, her body still hidden in the door. The room she looked into, an office, was dimly lit. She eyed the brown counter, the AC on the wall and the white thin glass separating the first office from the conference room.

“Nobody has come yet. Ahh.” She appeared wholly into the room and walked to the counter.

She ran her black fingers over the answering bell and chuckled.

She passed through the counter and out through the thin glass into the conference room. She allowed her feet touch the ground once more.


Koi koi koi koi , all the way down to every room in the office.

Omoda, the office assistant, walked up the stairs by 6am. As usual, everywhere was quiet and she was the only one to have arrived in the entire building.

She did not worry about it. It was in her job description to be at work before every other worker and make sure that the office was smooth and running well.

She got to the door and stopped for a second. There was a patch of dirt that told of a charcoal hand deliberately touching the wooden door.

She wondered about it. How did somebody come up simply to smear dirty, soot hands on the door. The gate downstairs was still locked. Did the people they dropped their keys with give it to a stranger? A thief?

She made a mental note to talk about it with her employer so that he would find out from the neighbors if other people came into the compound after close of work.

She unlocked the iron bars, the door and pushed the door open. Once inside she locked the door. She had never felt safe being alone and leaving the door accessible to the next person, might be a thief to walk in on her.

She got to the counter and dropped her bag, she dumped the keys on the desk and sighed as it slipped off the table into the wooden crack. She would need to get the tiny stick and get it out.

She shrugged off picking it out immediately and went into the conference room and headed to the passage.

As she arrived at the entrance of the workers’ restroom, there was a loud clatter inside and a chuckle.

Her heart froze.
“Who’s there?” She yelled

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