Day 43, 2021

Sometimes, people don’t leave their jobs because it is tough or stressful, they leave because of bad bosses. A job may be difficult at first, may be interestingly tasking, yet an individual may want to dedicate time into learning that job.

You may go out tomorrow to apply to be a house cleaner or a cook with little or no experience, you may get to the place to meet a cheerful face and a warm voice and a patient demeanor, you would most likely try to get better and better, you would try to not disappoint that cheerful face and encouraging voice, you would like to up your game to keep impressing the employer and bring satisfaction to you both.

Imagine if you entered a house and saw a stern looking woman, your heart would skip and you may jitter. You might spend the few minutes with the person wondering what would go wrong, what you might spoil and the possible reaction that I may get, how to avoid being scolded and sacked.

In most cases, employers/bosses are reasons people leave jobs because when they wake up in the morning, their heart jumps and they imagine having a bad day in addition to having an initially unwanted job.

An inexperienced person would go into a job and dedicate time to learning and improving while an experienced person may go in and want to get out because the work environment and attitude is depressing.

As much we want to believe that most people want to have jobs in line with their passion, many are currently not in their jobs because of passion, they talk about their jobs passionately because they are comfortable and therefore, willing to keep doing it.

Employers should understand that it is the employees that keep them thriving. When we talk about governments and citizens and how the citizens hold the true power, we should also talk about how employees hold the true power.

I had an employer, every time he would say, “you must learn to ask questions, Kachi. You cannot learn if you don’t ask questions. People who ask questions are people willing to grow. Always ask questions.”

I got tired one time of hearing the same things over and over again and told him that I would ask questions to people who would answer. He did not answer the questions. For every question, he gave exasperated looks. Nobody stayed up to six months. I, too, found my answers myself and got the job done. But it wore me down and made me sad. So many things was wrong that I eventually left.

Some Nigerian employers need to be taught.

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