Day 44, 2021

My body have had to adjust to lots of things since I came here. One very huge one for me lay in the feeding.

The next day after arrival, I ate the worst food of my life. Few days later, I touched the worst fufu of my life. Were you expecting me to say “ate the worst fufu?” You must be feeling very funny, my dear.

My mom blessed me with a good number of fufu the day I left home. I spent the next day after I arrived noting eateries’ locations and supermarkets close to the house. Isnor me that this city would starve. But then I had to cook. I cooked soup days later and binged on my mother’s fufu. I had it morning and afternoon and night and midnight with few small bites in between.

By the time I settled into work, I realized that I was always feeling unusually heavy. It did not stop me from eating as I would have eaten when I felt normal but the feeling was tiring. I went online and they were giving me funny options, telling me to eat this and avoid that.

Some of the things they tell you to avoid online are the things we have in our everyday markets. The ones we are expected to eat are either to be ordered from Jumia, or found in supermarkets and they are in most cases, things that we cannot regularly afford and might not even know how to go about its preparation.

All through the week, I sought for help from online doctors and a friend whose body is the fittest I know. He suggested something to me: change your diet and exercise. When I heard “exercise”, my heart cut. As slim as I was? How? Why? When? Where? What?

He said, “Kachi, you eat a lot. I have seen girls that eat but I have not seen a girl with a strong eating capability as you. You really need to exercise, not to stop eating though. I’ll give you a routine, but for now, walk. Stop taking buses to and fro, break the journey sometimes and walk. Then you’ll start running again. I wonder why you stopped.”

I was heartbroken. Walk? By the time I close for work? And when I’ll be needing to write for the day and nothing had popped into my head yet? It was a bad suggestion but I needed it. Sitting down all day and eating all I eat was making me feel pregnant.

So, I walked. It rained yesterday and the road was packed up with cars. I found a good excuse to not take a bus. I walked all the way home. In addition, I got all the fruits I knew could soften my stomach. That didn’t turn out so well cause it got me desperately hungry by 12am. How do I realize hunger when I’m asleep? I also don’t know.

So, don’t say I told you not to eat. I can never advise anyone not to eat. Any day it is put up anywhere I am connected to – Facebook, Tale’r’s blog, Whatsapp, Twitter, Linkedin, Instagram, etc, that you should reduce eating, it is NOT ME.

I can never offer that kind of advice except something is terribly wrong or my brain or my accounts have been hacked. Eat, eat and eat. Food is the most beautiful thing in the world. The trick, I learned now, is that you need to exercise and to change your diet or whatever it was he said.

But, keep eating. Cheers.

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