Day 46, 2021

The Great Bard

Proudly brought to you by Ottih Onyedikachi

They whispered it
As I unspooled from my placenta:
writing will free my entrapped soul and,
Brought into this consciousness
Caged with the burden of emotion

I listened to the humming of the formless;
Nwaa ga-eme ihe siri ike’
And spread my wings on the
advice of the unaged and ageless
I infused the letters, wielded the pen,
Won the battle with the despoiled tree

Now my feet is stronger on the earth
I can flap my wings in the ocean
And breathe out air
The humming wrapped around me
In the words of the unaged my soul sours
I struggle to mold the letters
As the creator molded, but I watch
My weapon create its feelings for me

I wriggle my feet on the astral plane
Lost in the world of creation
To birth this,
My second child.

I feel soooo proud of myself!!!

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