Day 48, 2021

A poem about a poem

The roots are nowhere
There are no roots here
Probe if you may
From now until doomsday

On the new year
Christopher Okigbo

I can be a god come to earth
Because I did not come as a mournable body
A country that betrays itself by being
Each breath, a closer arrival at departure

I am one and many at once
I am this body and a non-body
I cannot be birthed only reborn
Because I was always there,
I can never die
I can not be named
Only hailed with a metaphor at best
This is how you know me

My mouth is wide
My belly is endless

You call me poem
But it is not my name
To name me is to birth me
To birth me is to give me a body
To give me a body is to give me a mother
To give me a mother is to give me a daughter
To give me a daughter is to give me an end
To give me an end is to give me another beginning
Anything coming back to life hurts
To give me another beginning is to give me pain
You call me poem
But it is not my name

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