Day 5, 2021

Mosquitocated: The battle

Story is gloriously brought to you by Onyedikachi Ottih

I and my sister woke up to the songs of mosquitoes earlier in the morning.

The first slap landed on my thigh. My sister, Chiemela, is a mosquito tracker and killer expert.

Minutes after I heard her hunting them down, I heard another singing in my ear. I jumped and turned on my phone’s torchlight automatically.

“Jesus, Chiemela, mosquito ka nแป na net a.”

She sprang up with me and turned on her own torchlight and we began to look around for them.

“Kpa! Kpa!” She turned around hunting for the one in sight desperately trying to evade death.

I laughed. “Dear mosquito, you can’t escape my sister.”

Soon, it was dead. We started to look around for more.

“How did they enter? Our net is not torn anywhere.”

“I don’t know.”

We scanned through the net hoping to see the other one or their entrance door. Soon, there was one flying around. It was so small, the light didn’t catch it very well.

“It has not sucked blood, that’s why.”

When mosquitoes eat, they become full and of course, heavier. It makes them easier to be seen and killed than when they’ve not had blood.

They must be entering from somewhere.

When she killed the next, we decided to have one sweep of the environment before going back to sleep.

“There they are!”

My sister was pointing at something from the point where the net was held up. I watched and saw to my shock, a line of buzzing mosquitoes, each awaiting their turn.

One was at the slightly stretched hole in the net squeezing itself in. It was soon inside singing as it flew around. Another repeated the process.

They would fold their wings when they perched, put in their tail(or whatever it is called) and push carefully till they were in.

From where we sat breathing quietly as possible as not to alert them that they’ve been discovered, we watched the line break.

A fairly big mosquito led the way. We followed them to the bottom of the bed where the net was neatly tucked in.

It had discovered a stretched hole big enough to permit them entrance.

We now had mosquitoes squeezing themselves in through tiny stretches.

I looked at my sister a she looked at me. We understood the same thing : it was time for battle.

The last mosquito spray/flit we bought never did any job really and we couldn’t trust it at the point to help us win the fight.

They scattered at the movement of the net when we opened it. We left, shut the door firmly behind us, headed down to my mother’s fufu shop and took her longest brooms.

This is our room and we will defend it!

When we reappeared, we emptied the spray/flit in the air, closed the door firmly, covered our noses with facemasks then with hankerchiefs for extra protection and entered for the ultimate ultimate battle with the ultimate ultimate weapons: long brooms and determination.

We smiled in our hearts as they struggled to hide in our clothe boxes and the clothes hanging on the wardrobe and in our shoes and in our hairs.

“Kpam! Fiam! Fiam! Gbum! whiii! Kpam! Whiii! Fiam, fiam! Kpa! Kpa! Kpa kpa kpa!!!

It was a bloody battle. We fought for almost an hour. Blood on our clothes, bedspread, pillows, rack, bags, blood everywhere.

Blood and Guts!!!

After the hour was gone, we relaxed and began the next stage – packing and disposing of the littered corpses.

We spent the day washing the things we stained.

Tonight, we’ll take the battle to our parlour. By the end of the month, we’ll be taking it down to the compound till we win the war.

This is our house and we’ll defend it!

6 thoughts on “Day 5, 2021

  1. You are Awesome, empress Onyedikachi.
    This bloody mosquitoes battle ;that was fought in your Room, with your Brooms! means so many things to so many people in different ways.
    To me, it means that every Reasonable human being must be able and capable to defend his
    or her own;because
    If you can’t defend your place, then;you can’t defined your peace and your space .

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