Day 51, 2021

I was at a different part of this today. You see, the part of the city where I live in is “expensive”.

A typical morning in my part of the city shows you corporately dressed men and women with neat shoes and laptop bags hanging from their shoulders. The people in my part of the city are always on masks, keeping straight faces and waiting for the buses to clear off from the road before they carefully enter. Sometimes, you wants to enter a tricycle or bus and the person in there taps the driver and tells him, ” I’ll pay for it. Go.” You find yourself waiting for the next one.

The hairs on the women’s heads are always made, you rarely see a woman’s natural hair here. The first time I loosened my hair, everybody asked me why I was not going to make  my hair on the Saturday. In the mornings when I’m dressing up in front of the mirror in the parlour, they’ll tease me, “Kachi make your hair nah. Team natural. It’s not good for you to be carrying your hair like this to work. Isn’t your boss complaining? Try to look like a woman.”

I never fall trap to any of these, I always smile.

Most women here carry beautiful box bags in which they dump their shoes and plates at the close of work. You also see beautiful girls on anklets and bumshorts and singlets, without under wears go about  like this is Canada (I like it tho).

White faces are very random in this part of the city. They walk around like you and I and take buses and taxis and stop at eateries.

ATM machines are never crowded. It feels like everybody has a way of getting money without going to the bank.

This part of the city I visited today is a contrast to the city I live in.

There are a throng of people walking. Women with tribal marks are sprawled on the bare ground selling funny-looking liquids and graciously inhaling the dust like a mild sweet scent.

There are speakers threatening to block the eardrums as it calls out different locations.

In this part of the city, buses do not wait for people. This part of the city is the kind we read about in books. It is in places like this one that people jump onto a moving vehicle – old and young alike.

Bike men ride through the traffic of this parts like they kept their original lives somewhere safe and just didn’t care about the artificial one they were using.

A woman nearly fell down while jumping onto a moving bus. I gasped while others waited impatiently for her to get on.

Oh, yeah. This is where I’ve read in books, this is where they get the advices that if you cannot jump onto a bus, you shouldn’t come to this city.

There are lots of women on their natural hair here, lots of plain and moderate clothing and lots of foodstuff on display.

There are sugarcanes longer than coconut trees and tigernuts in wheelbarrows, there are lemons and ginger and lots and lots of people.

This is the city Cyprian Ekwensi loved to bring his female characters to and this is the part of the city I’d have loved to be at because it reminds me of home.

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