Day 8, 2021


This town is a funny town, it is known for many things amongst which is that people do not mind their businesses. Maybe some other time, I’ll tell you some of the other things this town is known for.

Yesterday evening, I watched a plump girl on a bicycle racing round my street. Such liberties were previously enjoyed on Sundays but now, many people are still eating rice in the village and playing with different kinds of banger.

The cyclist made stunts; her legs turned bandy-leggedly, one hand off the handle bars, then both hands. The bicycle swerved dangerously and she dropped her hands back on the handle and continued. People laughed and smirked and watched and talked and walked on.

The girl made the third turn into the street, she smiled at the audience watching her.

Past our shop close to the junction, a man stood yelling, “all this children without home training. See how this one is jeopardizing her life. Soon now, she’ll remove her hand to do shakara, she’ll fall and break her head and her mom will cry not knowing she’s a careless girl. Children of nowadays are very stupid and careless with their lives.”

The girl made the next turn, approached the junction where the man stood cursing, angry. She took off one hand just where the man stood and we watched it happen. He shoved her roughly as she cut into the street and she fell onto the road yelling in fear and pain.

Now, the man has nothing to say for himself and his defense to the police is that, “she was a careless showoff.”

I mean…!😡

6 thoughts on “Day 8, 2021

  1. Should we say his words caused the accident or her carefree attitude did? That will be tales for another day from Aba…

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