Fondly brought to you by the food Goddess, Ottih Onyedikachi

Over the years from the times when my dad would monitor me so I don’t steal minerals cause they were bad for my health, to the times my mom would count the eggs in the bucket to deter me from taking one, to the times my sister would sleep like a dog just to catch me when I wake up midnight to take soup, to Chiemela allowing me bits of plantain and punishing me to wait for her to finish the frying…

I’ve always been able to get them food still and I feel so proud of myself.

Because of that, I’d be ‘taleing’ you something different today. Something that no doctor, health scientists, food and health blogger would ‘tale’ you.

This exposition would open your eyes to the wonders of eating and help you to explore your feeding capacity. Trust me, you won’t get these tips anywhere in the world.


Call me a glutton, food monger, foodie, whatever you please… that’s alright.

After careful and thorough experiments, I can proudly and boldly tell you that the stomach’s capacity is large and beautiful.

It stretches all the way from your abdominal area to your heart area and what’s more? It can even increase in width. Ntị afọ!🤗

From your abdominal area starts the stomach till the chest area(as I mentioned before).

That space between just before your breasts, it’s all stomach and yes, you can eat upto that point and breathe well.

However, in the case where you eat past that area, you’re likely to experience difficulty in breathing.

If you did exceed, you might just vomit the food out or need to sit still for upto 30minutes before you can move as well, you’re too full to move.

So the best thing is to monitor the feeling and heaviness as you eat. Know where the food is at so that you don’t vomit it out.


Some persons stop eating once they eat a number of spoons or feel a little weight. That’s alright.

I wish you to remember though that God meant for us to explore all the potentials within us. Don’t you think it’s high time we explored the world of the stomach?

I feel like we starve it with the little things we consume and it’s not achieving it’s primary assignment in the body make-up which is to accommodate food.

Now that you know this, you can quote me anywhere cause these experiments were carried out on me, by me, and it took me years to reach this conclusion.

Don’t take it for granted. Cheers as you explore the goodness of food and the your stomach’s capacity.



  1. Eaty Eaty.
    Just like me.. I love food n not just food, but good n nutritious food.
    I make sure that my 3 sqaur Mills are complete each and every day.
    The human body is not meant to starve, but rather, it keeps its life form from food intake, which convert them the minerals needed by the human body.
    Thanks for ur share.

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