First, Create Your Own Miracle.

If you have read Nlebedim, Nzube Harry’s Miracles are Subtle, then you would understand the first reason for this post.

The second reason is a friend’s comment about us creating our miracles.

Motivational, religious and Educational teachers have stressed this issue enough in years. However, what still is the problem?

“I want the fruit of the womb.” Please remember to have sex after that prayer. The eggs in your body needs a spermatozoa to fertilize.

“Oluwa bless my hustle.” Get a job, do it well, have a skill, hone it. Be doing something that Oluwa ‘can’ bless.

“I proclaim my husband,2020.” Where are you? Oya, show face.

Let us not make it so difficult for him. I’m sure he has a whole lot of request to attend to daily. When we have started our miracle, we can go ahead and disturb his peace with our requests for the blessing,and make sure we do not allow him rest.

Because we attract our own miracles. Igbos say, “onye kwe, chi ya ekwe.” That is when you agree, your God/guardian angel/spirit guide agrees too. Let us set the wheels for our miracles today..and we’ll see that Miracles, indeed, are Subtle.

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