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The thing about horror movies is that they try so hard to creep us out.

Me, I know their tactics.
The night I watched The Conjuring, it was some minutes to 12am. I had just finished watching The Black Knight and decided to attempt scaring myself before bed.

I was in my room alone with a candle on. Minutes into the movie, they started with their usual high-pitch screams, lonely roads, lone sounds, whistles, door locks and sudden unveiling of a disfigured or ghostly-looking thing,🙄

Infact, they didn’t want me to have a good. Unfortunately for the movie, actors and the producers, I’m not a learner.

I reduced the volume to zero, partially closed my eyes to still the effect of the witchy faces and enjoyed the rest of the movie in silence.

I’m too young to have high BP from a movie abeg.😏😑🙄

34 thoughts on “Horror Movies…

  1. And you just killed the movie. I watch conjuring 1 in the evening and I knew I had to watch 2 at night. I was the only one in the room, everywhere was dark and rain started falling at some point, coinciding with the scene in the movie(and thunder too). I raised the volume to the highest pitch and clung to my bed like my life depended on it.
    I WAS IN THE MOVIE, I wanted to stop and run out shouting blood of Jesus. But the hard girl in me told me to keep shut.

    My brothers and sisters, it’s the best movie of the year for me and it turned my fantasy to horror. I need to wash my brain, coz it’s still there🥺

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