I legit hate my sister now


Don’t judge me; you don’t know the trauma I’m going through. Don’t advise me; I don’t have need for it. The only solution to my problem is that schools reopen and she leaves the house for me.

When I was in school I didn’t bother anybody with terminologies relating to my course of study—English and Literary Studies. No, I did not. I did not look at my father and say to him, “you remind me of Unoka,” or “mom, you’re a feminist.”

So what is this? I never frustrated people with “oh! I like the plot of this gossip. Oh, but you know you just made a syntactic error? Ca va?”

I’ve always be an eater. I eat alot. I eat heavy chunks in few hours. Nobody complains or nobody complained till my sister entered high institution and started studying this discomfortability of a course. I’ve always been slim. A fleshy slim. All the food I eat go off somehow but never adds me up.

Now, when I open my mouth to eat, she tells me, “nawa o. You have Eating disorder.”
When I remove my clothes and she sees that I’m slimmer than she is, she eyes me and says, “you have Hooha disorder.”
When I squeak at the mention of food, something I do when food is coming and I’m hungry, she tells me, “you have Kungfu Panda disorder.”
When I laugh, “I have Personality disorder.”
Only me…I even have one disfigure complex. I also have OCD(whatever that means). I have mental disorder, too.

Is she the only one studying Psychology? Everybody in the house has been analyzed with one or two terrible disorders and she never profers a solution. My younger brother has Amnesia disorder and Multiple personality disorder. Mom has Dysentery complex and Speech disorder and dad? He’s not left out…he has a Man disorder plus an evil Alter ego.

Let institutions open, so that we all can breathe, eat, laugh, work and play in peace. I feel murderous already!😭

I would have added her picture, but I’m scared of being analyzed 🤒😭😪


22 thoughts on “I legit hate my sister now

  1. Smiles
    Very funny, you said you don’t need any advice though!

    I will just say, you look for her own disorder…and taunt her with it!

  2. You see? That’s why they say “don’t book a cover by its judge”..whatever that means.
    If I hadn’t clicked, I would have been wondering why she hates her sister.

  3. I was initially thinking otherwise not until I had to read through this wonderful episode… What university has actually done to us ehh I weak lol. Well she is practicing having both magnitude and direction 🤝👌

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