On Life and Death

© Ottih Onyedikachi

A few persons who know me think I am fixated on death. I am not going to argue this now.

A whole lot of people are riveted on living that death shocks them when it comes. I do not talk about death as freely as I do because I feel or think that I am near my death all the time. On the contrary, it is a fact that I have come to accept, and have subsequently, made peace with. I understand that death is a phenomenon that coexists with life.

We wake up and plan to live, to breathe, to do business, do evil, do good, make money, take revenge, marry, etc. But we never plan for death, in any eventuality.

If Christ easily accepted death when he was thirty-three years old, why do we struggle so much to hang on here, then? Of course, He would have averted it if he could, but as He could not, He accepted the plan.

Some people die from the fear of death before it approaches. They do not keep it in mind. And so when it happens, it shocks them.

No one plans for death. No one knows when it would come. But maybe if we accepted and expected it, it would not hurt us so much when it comes.

Appreciate death as you appreciate life.
One lives for the other.
As you crave one, remember the other. Because it is when you do that you would actually prioritize your life. You would be more conscious of how you live, the people you hurt, the things you do and say, your general attitude to life, events, animals and other human beings.

And I wouldn’t exempt our foibles as humans: anger, revenge, deceit, hatred, bitterness, rage, etc, in the realm of things. We should not be perfect human beings because we are scared of death, no!

But when we think about death as we live, it makes us live better lives.

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